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Low Co2 Cars
Co2 Eater

Low Co2 Cars

Save the planet and the money in your pocket!

With the planet on a path to destruction there's not a lot the individual person can do but you can at least show you care by cutting back on your own personal Co2 production!
Co2 is a naturally produced gas that is also naturally absorbed by trees and plants which helps maintain a healthy balance for the planet - and for us! If there's too much Co2 (and other gases) it lingers in the atmosphere and insulates the earth so that the heat caused by the sun doesn't fully escape back into space. This sounds harmless enough but because the earth is in such a fine balance this overall increase in temperature causes melting ice, rise in sea levels and extreme weather changes which can affect our ability to grow enough food. A bit of a disaster is brewing!

Co2 is safely trapped in rotting vegetation which after thousands of years converts to coal and oil etc. Unfortunately when we burn these products we release the Co2 back into the atmosphere. Our modern way of life produces far more Co2 than is safe for our future so governments are working towards reducing 'greenhouse' gases but at present big business and other interests are winning out and in fact the UK is one of the worst countries for pollution.

We can do our bit by reducing energy usage in homes and in work, cutting down on air travel and by ensuring we drive as eco-friendly as we can!

There are a huge range of low Co2 emission cars now that are frugal in their fuel use and qualify for the zero RFL banding. They are often also cheap to insure and with low running costs, so it makes sense all round!

On this site we feature a few of the more popular low Co2 cars around.

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